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Press to see Guinea Pigs looking for homes

Welcome to 'Guinea pig Rescue and Rehome'!

My name is Kate and Guinea pigs are my passion! I'm based in Dunstable, Bedfordshire.

I have kept guinea pigs since I was a child and currently have 18 of my own. I work as an 'Animal Welfare Officer' for the RSPCA. I take in animals that my colleagues and I have picked up. Usually these are stray, dumped or un wanted by their owners and on some occasions they are cruelty cases. Quite often in situations where animals are dumped or un wanted there are large numbers involved. From experience it can be hard to find space in animal centres and other rescues for these large numbers and often at very short notice. This is one of the main reasons for me providing a rescue for these adorable animals.

In my own experience of rescuing and rehoming guinea pigs, it's so rewarding to take an animal out of a bad situation and be able to rehome that animal with someone who is going to provide it with a loving home and a second chance to have a happy life. Generally people seem happier to rehome a rescued animal rather than buy one from a pet shop. It's very rewarding to offer a good home to an animal that has not had a very good start to life.

Equally circumstances can change and people need to quickly find somewhere safe for their own guinea pigs until a permanent loving home can be found and a rescue that will check out potential new owners and where the guinea pigs will be living is crucial.

I also offer holiday boarding.