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'Guinea pigs or Cavies are sociable pets and appreciate company of their own kind. Guinea pigs should not live with rabbits. A guinea pig on its own will not be a happy one. I dont rehome guinea pigs on their own unless someone is looking for a companion for a pig they already have. Pigs are great pets! They are small, easy to look after, easy to handle, seldom ever bite, very talkative and very rewarding to own. I dont neuter all pigs that I have in, but lone boars and problem boars are neutered. Its much easier and cheaper to neuter a boar than spay a sow, and even entire boars can sometimes be paired with other boars.

Obviously pigs need human companions as well, and can either be kept inside in an indoor cage or outside in a hutch. Although care should be taken with outside pigs as in winter they can chill easily and in summer can suffer with the heat. Apart from providing guinea pigs with the correct cereal based diet guinea pigs need vitamin C as they cannot produce this vitamin in thier bodies. Without this they will become very ill and are likely to develop scurvy. It is easy to prevent this by feeding fresh fruit and vegetables every day. Hay should also be always available as is an important part of their diet, a very good source of roughage and helps maintain their gut and their teeth.

Pigs will often get more attention if inside but either is suitable. I had a poorly pig in my kitchen for a while and he learnt the sound of the fridge opening! He worked out that was where the vegetables were kept and would climb up the side of cage squeaking madly at me. I find that wood chip shavings are the best bedding for pigs with plenty of hay to snuggle in. Try to avoid sawdust as this is very dusty and may cause your pigs health problems.