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Looking for homes

Guinea pigs looking for homes

Update, due to COVID 19 restrictions we have had to make a slight temporary change to this page.

We are currently running a waiting list for adoption as whilst we have a number of piggies wishing for new homes they are either under assessment, being bonded or in the "maternity wing" so are not ready for immediate adoption. Please dont worry if you don't get an immediate response from your enquiry form, we read them all but we are very busy with full time jobs alongside running the rescue. Please note, that our waiting list is not a case of first come first served and only the best homes will be considered so please provide as much detail as possible and submit photos on a seperate email. Thank you.

PLEASE if you are seriously interested in adopting then complete our form with as much information as possible - dont forget to send pictures of proposed / exisiting enclosure set ups and we will add your details to our waiting list.

Below are current guinea pigs looking for homes.

Thank you, please feel free to email on [email protected] if you require any additional information.

Updated as at 0304/2021

If you feel you could offer guinea pigs a happy safe home then please complete the above form and if you have any additional information you feel would be relevant then please do not hesitate to contact:-

g[email protected]


Rehoming strictly to COVID-19 restrictions