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In 2018 we had an open day and a donation appeal to be able to build a brand new facility.

The support was really quite overwhelming and so our amazing new building was constructed!

My resident rabbits 'Roger and Clover' have their own enclosure within the building which features an attached run, a penthouse suit and a window seat which overlooks the garden.

We have 9 bespoke 'cages' along the back of the building which happily accommodate a pair of guinea pigs in each. We then have some bigger 'cages' that can also be doubled up for large groups and wall inserts that can be inserted for bonding purposes.

It is fantastic to have a sink and electric for lighting and heating if required. We also have made use of the area above the rabbits run with storage shelves and an overhang at the other end of the building to store and protects runs.