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Rehoming requirements

Typically Guinea Pigs live for around 5-6 years but some may live longer.

Can you commit responsibly and financially for this amount of time .....

Guinea Pigs make excellent pets, they are easy to handle and have their own little personalities and unique sounds. They rarely scratch or bite.

However as with any animal the more care, attention, patience, love and handling you put into them the more they will give you back.

Young Guinea Pigs can be very nervous at the beginning until you gain their trust. Even the tamest of Guinea Pigs can become less tame if they do not get handled. So please do bear this in mind if you are looking to adopt young piggies for children.

However to keep them healthy and happy, you need to provide a suitable safe environment for them to live in, this can either be indoors in an indoor cage / enclosure or outside in a hutch or in a customised designed enclosure in an outbuilding. Please make sure all enclosures/hutches have bolts and not the clasps that seem to becoming more and more popular at present.

If housed outside they will need extra protection from late Autumn through to Spring as they do feel the cold and even with hutch covers on, persistent rain can cause damp to set in.

During the summer months they do like to help mow the lawn in safe secure lidded runs and as prey animals they will need a house to hide in within the run (bear in mind the heat within such houses). It is advisable that they are not left for long periods of time especially wiith our English summers due to rain, heat etc but they love a few hours out relaxing.

Guinea Pigs do not like extreme temperature changes.

When filling out an adoption process form please do give as much information as possible as this will speed up the rehoming process, please send any housing / run photos to our email address .. [email protected]

Rehoming Fees are fixed at

£20.00 per guinea pig (unneutered)

£25.00 per neutered boars

An adoption form will need to be completed and signed at time of adoption.

* Please note, if your wishing to give in a guinea pig(s) you do not need to fill out an application form or pay anything, just contact us directly. Although of course donations are always welcomed thank you. *

If you would like more information on guinea pigs then the internet is your friend but a good start would be